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Engaging. Focused. Relevant.

With decades of leadership experience and a dozen turnarounds to her credit, Karen is an engaging and knowledgeable speaker. She makes the complex simple, shows what actions matter, and inspires leaders to have the courage to truly lead.

What's the feedback from our presentations and workshops?

" Great Energy! Specific tools were given that I could implement immediately."
"Excellent knowledge, skills, and the ability to engage people.""
"Karen doesn't lecture, she engages."
"Highly beneficial and definitely would recommend!"
"You provided us with what the military calls TTPs (tactics, techniques, and procedures) on how to be a better leader today."
"Great presence and connection with the audience."
"Karen is engaging, knowledgeable, and I enjoyed listening to her."

Keynote Topics

Karen presents to groups of all sizes - from 5 people to 5,000 people. She speaks about topics that inspire leaders to take steps towards being their best, value employees, keep clients, and enjoy the leadership journey. Topics include:

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Ignite Change Today - Even When You are Not the Boss

So you have a job with lots of responsibility but few resources and even less authority. Do you ever wish you were the "boss" and could make people do what you need them to do? Good news, there are secrets to being the leader in today's open and collaborative work environment. Karen reveals the simple secrets you can apply right away to be a powerful and influential leader - no matter the job title or direct reports. You will achieve mind-blowing results, people will want to work with you, and you will find more joy being a leader when you implement Karen's steps of authentic influence leadership.

Conquer the Beast! Public Speaking Even When Terrified

Speaking in front of a group of people incites terror and nausea for most professionals. Believe it or not, it's normal! Karen offers a crash course in speaking with conviction and authenticity, even when you feel like you are going to lose it.


Secrets to Amp-Up Your Executive Presence

Being perceived as leadership material is essential to be an effective leader. How you demonstrate presence makes a difference. Karen uses an engaging style to show ways to crack the code to your own unique executive presence, the critical components of leadership presence, and discover where you have the power to enhance your executive presence.

Get Unstuck Using Smart Habits to Step Out and Excel

You've built a successful track record. You know how to get things done. Why does it seem that what worked for you in the past is not working now? Feeling stuck? Believe it or not, those strengths you spent years developing are actually letting you down and today. Karen uncovers the simple ways to explore and re-leverage your strengths. With her insights, participants see how to get unstuck and thrive as leaders.


Ninja Communication Skills. Keep Your Mouth Shut and Other Secrets that Work.

Success in any business closely correlates with how quickly we connect with our clients and colleagues. So how do busy professionals make this happen? Karen will share three simple hacks that help you tap into your inner communication ninja and immediately create an authentic connection. Discover how to recognize personality style without complicated tests. Effectively apply styles to communicate with clarity. Participants leave with practical tools they use right away to build their success. This lively talk will energize emerging professionals through the most seasoned leaders.

Can I Say That? Smart Navigation for Leaders in Today's #Hashtag World

Let's face it, managers often feel they are in the cross-hairs at work. Since the start of the #MeToo movement, studies show almost half of the male managers are now uncomfortable participating in common work activity with women. Karen offers a professional women's point of view on how all leaders have the opportunity to be the positive force for good in the work environment and not court trouble. This is the time for men and women to shine!

Workshops for Your Workplace

Karen provides customized interactive workshops for companies across the country. Participants grow their skills that they can immediately apply to positively impact their business. Below is a list of some of the topics available.

How To Create A Strategy That Your Organization Actually Executes!

How to Lead with Influence and Achieve Unimaginable Results

Strategy Simplified


Engaging Your Team's Hearts, Minds, and Guts

Change Leadership: The Smart Way to Lead Change

How to Effectively Network for the Uncomfortable Networker

Secrets of Delivering Powerful Business Presentations