Who We've Impacted

What do clients say about us?

"If you want to make an impact on your organization, I highly recommend working with Karen Mildenhall."

"Karen Mildenhall was a guest speaker in my leadership course in an executive master’s program. The feedback I received from my students about Karen was outstanding! They used words such as, “Brilliant,” “Confident,” and “Warm.” My students walked away with key takeaways that they were able to implement right away. Her storytelling, influence strategies and proven techniques were exactly what they needed to hear to become change agents in their own organizations. If we were able to gain so much in just an hour, I cannot even begin to imagine how powerful a full session would be.

Karen brings a wealth of experience based on what has worked for her and other executives by responding to the kind of leadership we are in great need of today. I am sure you will be left with wanting more. I know we did!"

Lisa Estrada
Faculty Associate, ASU School of Sustainability
City of Peoria, Arizona, Economic Efficiency & Sustainability Manager

"Karen offers coaching that delivers immediate and positive results..."

"Working with Karen has accelerated my professional development and enabled me to connect with an audience in a more effective manner, whether it's an individual or a room full of people. It's clear that Karen has the ability to offer coaching that delivers immediate and positive results, but the real value comes from the guidance she provides that sets someone off on a direction that they'll continue to evolve throughout their career."

Confidential Client
Senior Mid-Level Executive
Global Services Firm

"Karen is generous with her time and sharing her expertise..."

"Karen is a strong leader within the global Ellevate Community. As Chapter President of the Ellevate Phoenix chapter, Karen's passion for helping other women has resulted in chapter growth and the development of meaningful content offerings for professional women in the Phoenix area. Karen is generous with her time and sharing her expertise and regularly contributes to the continued development of Ellevate Network as a whole by advising on early-stage planning initiatives for operational and structural changes within the company. Karen's feedback and well-crafted communications make it clear that she is passionate about women's professional success and effective leadership."

Kristy Wallace
CEO, Ellevate Network


"I couldn't have done it without Karen's help."

"I'd never given a speech. The room was full of people. I was terrified! Karen worked with me to help organize what I wanted to say. She helped me see that it was normal to be scared but that I could use that energy to deliver my message. It worked! I was scared but I said what I wanted to say and the room full of people listened. I did it!"

Dr. Nancy Robinson, D.M.D
Founder and Owner, Shalimar Dental Center

"You provided us with what the military calls TTPs (tactics, techniques, and procedures) on how to be a better leader today. Thank you!"

Jon Burgess
Masters in Sustainability Leadership
Arizona State University, School of Sustainability

"She moved our board forward light-years in just four hours."

"Karen is the consummate professional. She is prepared, thorough, collaborative, and highly adaptable. It was a pleasure to work with her, and she moved our board forward light-years in just four hours."

Lisa Glenn Noble
Executive Director, Co+Hoots Foundation

"Her ability to swiftly assess the situation and offer immediate feedback...is unparalleled."

"As an accomplished leader, Karen utilizes her communication, management, and strategic thinking skills to help others succeed. Her ability to swiftly assess the situation and offer immediate feedback in the boardroom or as a communication coach is unparalleled. Whether it is in a practice session for a presentation of thinking through a strategic plan, Karen's ability to identify a deficiency and provide structure and ideas to overcome it with a supportive and encouraging tone are skills that enable her to help so many succeed. She has professionally and personally empowered me on many occasions and continues to be a trusted resource and advisor."

Geri Wright
President/ CEO, Act One