In a recent poll of over 1,400 KM Leadership Solutions subscribers, leaders from more than 14 industries in organizations of all shapes and sizes shared their biggest leadership challenges. Respondents also rated the difficulty of their challenges.

Are their challenges any different than your challenges? Here are their results.

45% –  Prioritizing time and resources. (most difficult)

Almost half of the respondents said that daily prioritizing time, energy, focus and choosing their actions was the most challenging leadership problem for them. They highlighted staying focused, time management, saying no, and translating strategic priorities into everyday activities as their biggest struggles.

27%  – Selecting and retaining the right team. (most difficult)

For organizations to grow, leaders recognize the power of having strong functioning teams. Selecting and retaining team members continues to challenge leaders. Competition for talent is real. Respondents noted that talent is tough to find and once found, the challenge to keep trusting high-performance teams creates daily problems for leaders.


18% –  Communicating Effectively

To effectively lead, we communicate through our actions, words and what we do not say. Respondents face challenges of crafting and delivering the messages to their organizations and clients that engender trust, inspiration, clarity, confidence, and foster diplomacy.


10% – Securing resources to meet business requirements

Whether you lead in a large corporation or small organization, it takes financial resources to get the job done. In addition to securing talent, respondents face the challenge of doing more with less. Streamline, innovate, and value creation were terms used by respondents as reach for solutions to this challenge.


Do you recognize your leadership challenge?


What’s next?

The leaders that responded to our poll generously gave us all a unique gift. Thank you very much!

In the coming months, KM Leadership Solutions will focus articles and posts that deliver targeted real-life solutions to the challenge leaders shared with us. Respondents to our poll receive relevant answers. People who missed the survey will not miss the solutions that resonate with them.  A win for all!


Watch for upcoming articles, posts, and links that help you discover practical leadership solutions that help you overcome your toughest challenges.


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